Vigor CrossFit WOD 2.29.2016

Monday 2/29
Warm up
4 min EMOM
6 10m shuttles and 6 alternating grasshopper push ups

4 minute EMOM
15 wall balls

Strict press
8X3 @ 70%

then grab a partner and complete 120/80(Rx) 90/60(S1) 60/40(S2) push ups (men/women)
Do in sets of 5, partner not doing push ups must be doing pillar hold. Rest as needed, but no reps can be accumulated without the pillar hold.

Rx- 3 RFT
5 G2OH 165/115
7 T2B
12 Wall ball
5 Wall climb

S1- 3 RFT
5 G2OH 125/85
7 Kipping L sit
12 Wall ball
7 Deficit push up feet on low box
5 Inch worm

S2- 3RFT
5 G2OH 75/45
10 Sit ups
15 PVC Thrusters against a post squat therapy style
10 Push up from knees

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