Vigor CrossFit WOD 9.19.2015

“My Buddy”

One person must hold 20/14 wall ball the entire time. If ball touches the ground there will be a 10 burpee penalty per person per couple. One person working at a time splitting reps as they choose….Resting partner holds medicine ball. During the run partners can take turns holding the medicine ball.

Comp. 155/105
RX 135/95
Scaled 105/75

Buy in: 100 partner wall ball lunges

Then… run with medicine ball to antique store/tattoo shop and back

3 rds
15 push jerk
15 deadlift

Run 2 laps around building with medicine ball above the head

2 rds
20 T2B
Run 1 lap with medicine ball behind the back

Cash out:
30 power snatches

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