Vigor CrossFit WOD 9.17.2015

Warm up-
40 partner wall ball
40 chest pass
40 partner ball slams
40 between the legs forward toss

10 min. EMOM
Even- 5 sumo DL @65% 1rm
Odd-10 KB swing 32/24

20 min AMRAP

Run 1 lap
Max rep pull up
Run 1 lap
Max rep 2 for 1 wall ball
Run 1 lap
Max second hand stand hold
Run 1 lap
Max rep G2OH (45/25 plate)

Score is total reps/seconds. Max reps are completed once a person has a long pause, release from bar, drop plate, or ball hits the floor. This is an Amrap so some people will go through max rep cycle several times.

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