Vigor CrossFit WOD 8.26.2016

Warmup: tabata
Air squats+cartwheels or H.S. Kick ups
WOD 1: set clock to 12 rounds of :45work/:15rest
Rotate thru list 3x doing max reps in :45
-jump rope
-plank jacks
- toe taps on MB
-Russian twists
WOD#2: 6 min AMRAP
10 wall ball
10 X-sit ups
WOD 3: same :45/:15 format as Wod1.. But only 8 rounds. Alternate btwn
-front squats 75/55
-box step ups 30/24
WOD 4: for time
9-6-3 wall climbs
3-6-9 tire flips

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