Vigor CrossFit WOD 7.8.2016

3 rounds
10 low box jumps
10 plank shoulder taps
10 scorpions
10 rev scorpions
40 pistols for time (5 min cap)
40 HSPU or HS walk length of gym 4x (7 min)
10 inversions of any kind (3 min cap)
5 rounds of each couplet per athlete, with a partner. Must be holding the “finish” position for the team mate’s reps to count.
#1 [3thruster+3pushup]*hold bar extended over head while parter does push ups, and hold top of push up while partner does thrusters. If a rest is needed, both just rest*
#2[2 MU/2 burpee pull-up+2 SDL 185/135]*hang from bar/hold BB in hang position]
#3[wall climb/HS hold] partners both responsible for 5 wall climbs each. Other holding HS*

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