Vigor CrossFit WOD 7.7.2016

Warmup:5min amrap
5 squat thrusts
10side lunges
5ish min to warm up movements, then 10 min EMOM BB complex:
3 deadlift
3 hang cleans
3 push jerks
Complete all 9 reps without putting BB down. Rx 95/65 scale 75/55 comp 115/85
WOD: set timer to 30 rounds of :30sec.
Will work on max reps on a single move for entire :30 seconds, rest :30, moving through the list this way. (Like the Cheif, kinda?)
For space, you can partner people up and have them flip flop back and forth on the moves.
- man makers 24/16
-box jumps 30/24
-Russian twists 15/10# plate
Extra: 3X10 pallof press
3x:30 down dog stretch

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