Vigor CrossFit WOD 7.30.2015

Warm up
1 min Single jump rope
10 seconds Slalom jumps both feet
10 Narrow air squat
10 seconds Forward and back hops both feet
10 Shoulder width air squats – 3 second descent, jump to standing. Everyone together, coach leads.
10 Alternating side lunges, Max distance for maximum groin stretch
:30/:10/:30 work/rest/work – Wide stance wall sit just below parallel, back flat against wall, arms out front at shoulder high
Banded front rack stretch 1 minute per arm

o Front squat box squat 10×2 @ 70% superset with 10 Banded pull through + 10 Banded good morning
o Review hang clean for those that need help. Pistol practice for those that need it. Max height knees to feet for those that are confident on HC and Pistol
Conditioning Workout
o 15 rounds for time w/partner
6 pistols
4 Pull-up (C2B for those who can)
2 Hang clean 155/105, 125/85, 95/65

o Side Planks holds – 3 x 1 Minute

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