Vigor CrossFit WOD 7.29.2015

Warm up
Tabata circuit
Sit up
Push up
Light KB swing
X2 rounds
Rest 1 min
Tabata circuit -2
Knee raise
Inch worm
Jump squat
Light KB snatch
X2 rounds
Rest 2 min
Half Tabata Circuit (one time through do this one :20/:20 instead of :20/:10
T2B or T2Rings or Ring inversion or Skin the Cat
Clapping Push up or Wall climb
Gobblet Jump squat
Pull up or C2B or Muscle up (ring or bar)

For Time (14 min cap)
Run ½ lap
50/35 Push-ups
Run ½ lap
50 Sit-ups
Run ½ lap
50 Squats
Run ½ lap
50 KB swings 16/12k
5 Tire flip
10 Atlas G2Shoulder (double up floor mats for 95/65 stones)
20 T2B
30 Wallball
40 Box jump
1 Rope climb

o Full complement of stretches for shoulders, legs, hips, and back

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