Vigor CrossFit WOD 7.27.2016

Warm up
4 rds
20/30 double under/single
5 knees 2 feet
Short Burgener warm up with barbell

Front squat
Double under

Double under test can be performed whenever during test portion of class. Max unbroken double unders.

3@ 30-40-50%
2@ 60-70-80%
Singles to 1rm
Once established, move bar to rack and est new 1rm front squat. Athletes will already be warm so they should start this portion at 80+%

Humble Games
WOD #2
AMRAP (length TBD)
Teams of 4 will cycle through the following:
-5 Burpee Slam Dunks (use nerf dodgeballs)
-20ft Walking lunge with barbell 75/55lb
-20ft Sand bag drag 35lb

On 3,2,1…GO!
Team member A does 5 Burpee slam dunks. Once completed s/he will tag member B who will walking lunge 20ft carrying a preloaded barbell above the waist. When the 20ft are covered s/he will tag member C who will drag a sand bag 20ft in the bear crawl position. Once complete s/he will tag member D who will complete 5 Burpee slam dunks, and so on.

The workout will be scored in rounds plus reps. Each 5ft will count as one rep on the 2 distance movements.

Walking lunge standard – Starting with both feet behind designated line, athlete must hold bar above waist for the duration of his/her turn. The 20ft must be covered by lunging only. Trailing knee must touch floor on every rep. Athlete must come to a full standing position on last rep.

Sandbag drag standard – Starting behind the designated line with the bag on floor, also behind the line, athletes will bear crawl and drag bag the full 20ft. Both athlete and bag must cross the line for the movement to be complete. No carrying, throwing, or holding of the bag in the teeth will be allowed, it MUST be dragged by hand.

Burpee slam dunk standard – Athlete will perform a traditional chest and thighs to deck burpee. Upon standing they must dunk a ball, with both hands, over the pull up bar. Boxes will be provided to those who cannot make the jump and, of course, there will be no penalty for using the box.

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