Vigor CrossFit WOD 7.26.2016

Warm up
RKB 24/16
Wall sit (seconds)
HS hold (seconds)

Strength test 1
50 burpees for time (5 min cap)

Strength test 2
Max pull up or M up in 3 minutes

Strength test 3
Kneeling wall ball throw forward from 1 knee. 14/10

Humble games
Workout #1
“Squat-Squat GOOSE!”
5, 90 second AMRAPs & 4, 30 second AMRAPs
Score 1 = total team squats
Score 2 = total combined reps of the athletes in their 30 second individual AMRAPs
Squat standard – hip crease below top of knee and a return to fully opened knees and hips. One squat may not begin until the proceeding squat has been completed. Squat order MUST remain the same throughout the entire 9:30.

Each team member MUST do 1 individual AMRAP.
Individual AMRAP choices:
-KB hang to overhead (16kg)
-Pillar to plank
-KB DLHP (16kg)
-Man on Fire burpees

Teams will start in a circle, facing each other. On “3,2,1…GO!” they will begin squatting one at a time in rotation. On the call of “GOOSE”, 3 members stop squatting and one begins a 30 second AMRAP of a given movement. At the end of the 30 second AMRAP, all team members will pick up squatting where they left off.

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