Vigor CrossFit WOD 7.21.2015

Warm up:

30 Partner wall ball
30 Ball slams
30 Chest pass


12 rounds EMOM
odd minute- 40 sec. hand stand hold
Even minute-40 sec wall sit with plate 25#

Partner pet rock relay. In order for reps to count, resting athlete must hold heavy kettle bell 32/24…this is their baton. If for any reason the kettle bell touches the ground, each athlete must complete 10 burpees. The kettle bell must be held even during the runs!!! Tag in and tag out as needed so split reps however the teams need.

Relay Run 400 meter (each person runs ½ lap…must be relay fashion for all runs. )
Relay run
30 jumping alternating lunges (30 each leg)
Relay run 400 Meter
40 Pullups
Relay run 400 Meter
50 goodmornings with barbell
Relay run 400 meter
un 400 meter

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