Vigor CrossFit WOD 7.18.2015

Warm Up:
Movement specific/coach’s choice
“ CrossFit Baseball”
Entire class split into 2 teams
Each movement is a “base”; To start and finish every round, there is a buy in which is a “hit” and a cash out which equals a “run”. Every person does their own reps and rounds. Every time they hit+ complete all bases+ make a run (total of 5 movements) they add a tally to their team’s scoreboard
HIT= 2 Muscle ups or
4 c2B pull ups + 4 ring dips

1st base=

2nd base = 3 tire flips

3rd base= 3 bear complex

10 feet ( two mats)handstand walk/ 10 m cartwheels/ 20 m bearcrawl
* for the hit and run, you can choose any combination each round ie. someone’s run on their first round can be the short handstand walk but as they get tired in later rounds can opt for the longer bearcrawl instead

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