Vigor CrossFit WOD 6.8.2016

Warm up

with a light band:

30 Pull aparts

30 Single arm strict press (15 each)

30 Lat press downs (band attached to pull up bar, elbows locked out. Press arms down from 90 degrees to even with frontal plane)

30 Palof press (15 each)

with a heavier band:

30 Pull throughs

30 Good mornings

30 Seated ham curls



Grab a partner and pair of bells 24/16

50 Man makers – alternating singles



Run 3k*

*Front door to Encrete,

Encrete to access road, turn L

Access road to Kett Blvd, turn R

Kett Blvd to Stroop, turn L

Stroop to Dixie, turn L

Dixie to Encrete, turn L

Clock stops when you re-enter VCF through back door (overhead door)



Couch stretch X 1 minute each quad

Ham stretch X 1 minute per ham

Shoulder stretch against wall X 1 minute per arm.

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