Vigor CrossFit WOD 6.7.2016

Warm up

Using Tabata timing

1) Jumping jacks

2) Walking lunges

3) Kips

4) Sit ups

5) Superman pulses

6) Push ups

7) Mtn. climbers

8)Air squats

give additional time to warm up strength specific



Dead lift


Comp 315/225

Rx 255/175

Scale 195/135*

*Only give these choices unless there is an extraordinary circumstance. The weights provided plus the flexibility in rep scheme will cover everyone. People will need to work together, there are only so many plates to go around.



7-5-3 TGU 24/16

14-10-6 KB G2OH 24/16

21-15-9 Box jump 30/24



Spend 2 mins each on shoulders, hams, & quads.

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