Vigor CrossFit WOD 6.27.2016

Warm up: (5 min)
5 minute AMRAP
-10 step-ups (5 each leg)
-10 air squats
-10 side lunges (5 each side)
-10 scap pull-ups (
Strength: (22 min)
-Back squat
-Warmup to 75% of 1RM, then…
-6×4 @ 75%
**no more than 90 seconds rest between sets**

WOD: (18 min)
-With a partner:
-18 minute AMRAP

-Partner A: runs 1 lap

-Partner B: completes as many reps as possible of the following:

-8 KBS (32/24)
-8 push-ups
-8 C2B pull-ups

-Partners will alternate when partner returns from the run and will pick up where the other partner left off on the movements

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