Vigor CrossFit WOD 6.22.2015

Warm-up- Run 1 lap
Line Work- high knees, butt kicks, lunge stretch, travel burpees—or coaches choice

Strength part 1-
3 person resistance sprints with bands (20 m—down and back). 1 person runs against resistance of team members. At the completion of each sprint, all athletes will complete 10 push-ups. Total of 3 rounds (one run per athlete).
Part 2- Back squat (from floor, if possible). Warm up to 50% of body weight. Perform 5 back squats EMOM for 10 rounds.

WOD- Descending ladder
10 to 1 Wallballs
5 to 1 Deadlift 255/185
20 DU’s between each round
*Can be done with partners, alternating movements. All athletes complete all reps (including DU’s).

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