Vigor CrossFit WOD 5.19.2016

**this is meant to be done similar to Jason’s fast-paced programming. Back to back short workouts, keeping the heart rates up the entire 55min *** Warmup:

5min amrap

5 inchworms

10 lunges

15 jumping jacks

-take next 5ish minutes to get equipment and go over all movements for wods-


5min amrap

10 PVC ohs

10 Alternating front to back rack presses

—rest 90seconds–


5min amrap

10 walking KB swings(stepping laterally, feet separated in bottom of the swing, step together in the top swing-5 right/5 left)

10 single leg RDL

—rest 90sec—


5min amrap

10 handstand shoulder taps(modify with knees or feet on box, but still have them try to at least shift body weight from one arm to another if they can’t actually touch their own shoulder)

10 X-sit ups

—rest 90 sec—

WOD #4:

5min amrap

10 MB slams

10 step ups holding MB 24/20″

—rest 90sec—

3×15 Pallof press each side

3×20 oblique ankle taps

stretch if there is remaining time.

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