Vigor CrossFit WOD 4.27.2016

Warm up: (allow only 6 minutes for both movements combined)
2 min. Jump rope
50 burpees

WOD: partner chipper(25 min cap)

40 box jump
40 pull up
40 KB swing 24/16
40 jumping lunges
40 hand release push up
40 slam ball 20/14
40 burpee
40 sit-up

*****pacing move: partner A will start with box jumps while partner B completes 15 med. ball cleans. Partner B will then pick up where partner A left off and partner A will complete 15 med. ball cleans. Cycle continues until last sit-up is complete.

Core: (5-6 minutes)
As a group complete
Part A-
2 min. Plank hold. Hold as long as possible in that 2 minutes
Part B-
3 rds
:30 plank hold on left
:30 plank hold on right

Skill work: (10 minutes)

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