Vigor CrossFit WOD 4.24.2017

Mon 4.24
Warm Up
Warm-up – General
:15 Jumping Jack
:15 Air Squat
:15 Mountain Climber
:15 Jump Squat
Warm-up – Mobility/Stability
:15 Plank
:15 Superman
:15 Side Plank
:15 Side Plank
4 Rounds
Partner WOD P1/P2
Run: 2000M (200M SetsP1/P2)
Row: 2000M (200M Sets P1/P2)
Double Under: 500 (Sets of 50 P1/P2)
For time
Applied Strength
CL&J: OTM 20 (All reps over 75% of PR set last week)

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