Vigor CrossFit WOD 4.23.2016

Thanks for sticking with me through this week of changes guys. You are all an inspiration in the way you meet and exceed these challenges that we put in front of you each day, thank you.

Here we go!
get into groups based on scaling preferences
example 3-4 people together wanting to do Rx, you’re a team. Same goes for 3-4 people who want to share similar scaling options. Whether its the run, the muscle ups, the squat weight, or whatever, get 3-4 people together who are doing the same version of the workout and they are a team.
Run 2 miles (everyone, together)
10 Ring muscle ups each
15 Tire flips each
20 Burpees each
25 Back squats at the team average bodyweight each
20 HSPU each
15 Bear complex each at 50lb less than you used for back squats
10 Rope climbs each.

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