Vigor CrossFit WOD 4.22.2016

Grab wall balls, stones, benches, and racks while coach gives you the rundown.

1) With empty bar (on your own)
10 Curtis P
-rest 30 sec
10 Bear complex
- rest 30 sec
10 Hang snatch to OHS
- rest 30 sec
40 Slow controlled back rack torso twist

2) Descending ladder
10-8-6-4-2 Wall ball
5-4-3-2-1 Wall climb

3) Split class into 3 groups based on strength on bench
10 min AMRAP
Bench press – each athlete on team does no more than 10 reps at approx 33% of 1RM

4) For time. Number of team members X’s
40 Stone to shoulder
50 Bench press at double the weight used in part 3
90 Wall balls
* do in any order, partition any way. WOD is over when every member of team has completed every rep.

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