Vigor CrossFit WOD 2.5.2016

Warm up
Coaches choice

15 minute EMOM/3 rounds of the following

Minute 1: 5 ab rollout

Minute 2: 5 overhead squat with 3 second pause at bottom of squat (slow and steady…focus on form) @45-50% 1rm

Minute 3: 45 second plank hold

Repeat cycle


Accumulate– 1000 singles with

Every minute on the minute completion of:

Death by thrusters (95/65)

*start the clock, then at the 1 minute set down jump rope and complete 1 thruster. At the 2 minute mark 2 thrusters and so on until jump ropes are completed. Athletes start
back at 1 thruster if they fail to complete the set in one minute.
-15 minute time cap

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