Vigor CrossFit WOD 2.4.2016

Warm up:
7 minute AMRAP warm up pace

20 jumping jacks
15 mountain climbers 2ct. (Left, right=1)
10 star jumps
5 push ups
1 wall climb

Strict press-
Warm up to 55-60% of 1rm


4 sets

5 strict press
1 second pause at the top
2 second pause on the shoulder

5-8 ring rows
1 second hold at the top
2 second hold at bottom
after 4 sets of the press and ring rows, 1 attempt Max rep KB swings. As heavy and as many reps as possible.

3 rounds
**3 minute on 2 minute rest throughout wod

5 deadlift 95/65
5 hang cleans 95/65
5 shoulder 2 overhead
15 burpee box jumps

Athlete versus the clock. The faster athlete goes, the faster the athlete is finished.

Go H.A.M!!!!!!
Extra: 100 situps for time

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