Vigor CrossFit WOD 12.23.2015

Warm up: (8-10 minutes)

2 minute jump rope or 2 lap jog if not raining.

Line work

Strength: 15-20 minutes

Warm up to 70% 1rm push press

7×3 @70%

“Christmas Rock” with partner(25 min. Cap)

1 person works at a time while other partner holds kettle bell 32/24. If KB touches the ground each partner must perform 10 burpees.

Buy in: 50 burpees (don’t set on down!!)

C-20 c2b Pullups
H-30 hand release push up
R-40 ring dip
I-50 inversions (summer sault)
S-60 sumo DL high pull 75/55.
T-70 toes to bar
M-80 box ju”M”ps
A- 90 w”A”ll balls
S-100 sit ups

Cash out: accumulate 4 minutes plank hold (1 partner still holding KB, don’t set down or burpees)
Extra: 100 side bends( 50 each side)

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