Vigor CrossFit WOD 10.1.2016

Warm up
12 rounds of :20/:10
Jump rope
Sit up
5 mins
Arm bar + TGU + Windmill

WOD with partner

Partner Wall ball/Wall climb
10/2, 20/4, 30/6, 40/8

8×10 alternating RKB 32/24
Back squat 6000/4200 lb from the ground. Partition as needed
(This sounds like a lot but it’s not. It’s basically 36 reps at 165/115, but they can choose the weight on the bar as long as they get to the total)

10×10 alternating Oh lunges 45/25 plate
100 Burpees partition as needed

Extra Credit
KB skills 16/12
Double swing
Double clean
Double thruster
4 reps of each movement without putting bells down. Alternate sets with partner. 1 set of bells that never touches the floor. 5 mins.

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