Vigor CrossFit WOD 1.4.2016

Warm up
Partner Barbell complexes
20 Curtis P’s – alternate 1′s
20 Bear complex – alternate 1′s
40 Partner landmine jump lunges
all with empty barbell

Front squat
1X3 @ 60%
1X3 @ 65%
1X3 @ 70%
4X3 @ 75%

10 RFT w/ patner
10 Partner wall ball 2-for-1er’s
10 Over and back partner burpees

Partner WB 2-for-1er’s – Each partner does regular partner wall balls with the addition of an extra squat every rep of wall ball. This means that both partners squat every rep whether its their turn with the ball or not.

Over and back burpees – One partner lays on ground while the other partner does one over partner burpee, and then does another over partner burpee, bringing them back to where they started. Over and back equals 1 rep.

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