Vigor CrossFit WOD 1.14.2016

Warm up
50 Jumping jacks
5 Hand stand Kick up
50 Combined medball bear complexes with partner. Throw the ball high to your partner to finish each rep
5 Hand stand holds of 5 seconds
50 Combined sit up to plate press with partner (pass plate after each sit up & press)
5 Inverted burpees

Double strength Tabata
16 Rounds of :20/:10 alternating with partner
KB Hot Potato 8/12 (make sure KB gets even with or outside of the shoulders on every rep)
KB Flip & squat 24/20 (RKB, then flip to self, then squat holding bell in both hands to chest, then extend back to top of RKB, catch by handle and complete swing, repeat)

7 Squat clean 135/95

4 X Max reps of seated strict press w/empty bar
rest no more than 2 min
Complete these presses seated on floor with back against wall or post

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