Vigor CrossFit WOD 1.12.2016

Warm up
w/ partner
120 Single jump rope
60 Partner wall ball
120 Single jump rope
40 Med ball bear complex (throw to partner off last part of movement. Throw it HIGH!!)
120 Single jump rope
20m Med ball walking lunges alternating which partner has ball. One partner is lunging forward 10m with other matching each step with reverse lunges, then switch.

Back rack box step ups 115/85
4 sets of 8 per leg

Foot release box squats while holding a plate 45/35*

3 rounds of
40 Seated banded leg curls
30 situps

* This is just what it sounds like. Sit down on a box while holding a plate, lift both feet off the floor, then put feet down and stand up.

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