VCF Coaches

Jason HoskinsJason Hoskins – Owner / Head Coach

Jason opened Vigor CrossFit in December, 2010 after working as a personal trainer at a traditional gym. Having earned his US Olympic Lifting Certification, he discovered CrossFit and earned his CrossFit Level 1 Certification and Coach’s Prep Certification. Jason’s background is not in athletics - in fact, it wasn’t until a few years before he opened VCF that he started a physical fitness program himself after significant personal struggles. Because of his own journey, Jason knows how difficult it is to make changes in life and understands the hard work and dedication it takes to succeed.  After starting with just a few athletes (some of whom are still here), VCF has outgrown its space more than once over the past few years and continues to grow in its current location.  Jason continues to coach most of VCF’s classes in addition to managing the business, and his dedication to CrossFit is as strong as ever.

“CrossFit is for everyone and with consistent practice gets the results people want.” – Jason

Gabrielle SawyerGabrielle Sawyer – Coach

Coach Gabby is a college student at WSU studying Exercise Science and Athletic Training.  She began CrossFit in 2011 as a challenging new workout, and is now Level 1 Certified as well as Kids CrossFit Certified.

“To me, CrossFit is a lifestyle. It has made me a healthier, happier, and more focused young woman and has opened my eyes to the positive life I wish to lead. I am constantly testing my limits and pushing myself to be a better athlete, and coach. I have taken a lot of the discipline I learned as a younger athlete, being a competitive gymnast, and have used it to excel in CrossFit as a sport. Not only do I love the physical aspect, but the community too. I am surrounded by wonderful people every single day. Since finding the love for CrossFit and craving for more, the next challenge was to impact others’ lives – becoming a trainer. I want everyone around me to do their best and get their optimal results from my time with them. I am continually learning and evolving to be the best athlete and coach I can be.” – Gabby


Brandon OlingerBrandon Olinger – Coach

Brandon has been with the Vigor CrossFit community since 2012 and brings several years of coaching experience. Prior to joining VCF, he spent 6 years as a wrestling coach at Fairmont High School. Brandon’s favorite aspect of CrossFit is watching people come through the door with little or no experience, and over time begin to transform themselves – building confidence, skills and strength.  Brandon resides in Kettering with his wife and two kids. The entire Olinger Family are Vigor athletes.

“CrossFit has taught me that we all have weaknesses, some more than others. However, if we choose to embrace them, face them head on rather than ignore them, our weaknesses then become less apparent and our potential is limitless. “ –Brandon.


Simon Stamper- Coach

Simon received his Level 1 CrossFit Trainer credential in June 2014. Currently, he is working part-time at the Dayton YMCA as a Fitness Counselor and Group Exercise Instructor.  Simon was introduced to CrossFit by a friend in Cleveland in 2012. He has been a regular, consistent CrossFitter since May 2014. He rediscovered CrossFit while living in South Africa at that time.

“I feel CrossFit provides fertile ground for the healthy growth and development of positive, supportive relationships while nurturing the individual and her or his goals. It’s more than just an exercise program. I love it for many reasons.” -Simon