Scheduling for the CF Open (next 5 weeks)

Welcome to Open season!!

During the Open we will still offer our regular Saturday WOD class at 9am for those not interested in participating in the Open workouts. However, if you would like to do the Open WODs, help judge, or just cheer on your friends (highly encouraged!), we will begin Open heats after a movement standard meeting on Saturdays at 10am. You do NOT have to be signed up for the open to participate!!
If you cannot do Saturdays get with one member of the coaching staff to set up a time to get your workout in.
We will offer second chance workouts on Sundays 9-noon. I believe the format is Thursday night – Monday at 5 to get your BEST workout in.
Good Luck to all. Lets work hard & Cheer for our teammates even harder!!

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