Notes for the week of 12/8

Hello everyone,
Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend. There has been a last second addition to the VCF giving tree so if you haven’t already, please grab an ornament and pick up a gift to help make Christmas a little for those less fortunate. Here is how the week is shaping up:

Monday- Variation on the squat for strength + hip bridges followed by a 3 round leg burner
Tuesday – Strict press and pushups for strength, then partner up and take on a short hero
Wednesday – Skill training makes an appearance followed by another hero! (with a partner)
Thursday – Game day
Friday – A dead lift ladder for strength and a 9 min AMRAP WOD

KEEP HITTING THE EXTRA WORK!!!!!!! We’re seeing a lot of good results from these extra 5-10 minutes each day. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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