Notes for the week of 11/17

Hello all you wonderful people out there in “Vigor-land!” I hope everyone is doing GREAT! I’m dropping you all a line to keep you informed about what’s coming up!!

Monday – (TEST DAY) Upper body strength with a descending ladder couplet
Tuesday – 5X5 box squats followed by 2 WODs!
Wednesday – (TEST DAY) We will give the legs a break and work the back hard!
Thursday – Game Day!!
Friday – (TEST DAY) We’ll get a base line number on the dead lift after a mini WOD and before the main WOD (its a shorty!)

We will be closed Thanksgiving and just run 1 class on black Friday as we have done in years past. What do you guys want? 10-11? We will discuss the Holiday fundraiser at this time too.

Have a great day everyone!!!!!!!

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