Notes for the week of 10.13.2014

Hey everyone!
Last week was full of fun and new accomplishments!!
Let’s make this week even better!!
Mon- Upper body strength with a tough 4 round WOD to follow
Tues- Heavy back squats followed by 4 rounds of high cardio coupled with Oly lifting
Weds- We will target the big movers in the back for strength and then crush a fast paced workout!
Thurs- BOMB DROPPER!! Yep that’s right, we’re having another game day this week. Classes will split in half and square off in a workout where you choose your opponents movement by “dropping bombs” on targets across the gym. The team that has to work can make their task a bit more bearable by choosing their own reps….IF they can drop a bomb accurately enough!!!!
Friday- Over head squats for strength followed by a tough chipper based on lighter barbell weights!
Friday night is our Halloween party. You won’t want to miss the fun! Bring some food and drinks to share if you’d like and plan on joining us for our trip to Slash Moraine after the party!!

There will be extra/rehab work posted each day this week, please take advantage of this extra bit of programming. It only take a few minutes and the benefits in strength and warding off soreness are huge!!

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