Notes for the week of 1.5.2015

Welcome to the New Year folks!!! I hope everyone’s holiday season was wonderful and that you all are raring to get back to your VCF routine. We have a couple announcements to make.
First off, Jennifer Heath is the big winner of the 50/50 Body Composition challenge!!! In 1 month, Jen lost an impressive 8lbs. and 4% body fat! Congratulations to Jennifer and a HUGE “Thank You” to everyone who participated. The money was used to provide a 12-15lb Holiday dinner ham to all of our VCF Giving Tree families.
Second, I have a quick summary of the results from our second session of the Top Flight Contenders.

In nine weeks one athlete had a 70lb increase on their deadlift, + 30lbs front squat, + 25lbs bench press, +20lbs back squat and + 10lbs to their push press. One athlete increased their bench press from 130lsb to 160lbs! And Added 1:31 to their Annie time. Another athlete added 90 reps! when they retested the Open WOD 14.2. Another athlete added 40lbs to his deadlift!

For Monday- Power Cleans Front Squats and Jerks! Followed by a 7min AMRAP
Tuesday- Time to work on our skills.
Wednesday- A hybrid of the Pendlay Row and a partner triplet.
Thursday- A variation on the deadlift for a 1RM max. Then a descending ladder.
Friday- Bring your rope climbing socks and get ready to flip some tires!

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