Notes for 9.1/9.7

Hello everyone!
You guys have made it a FANTASTIC week at VCF! You guys spent more time in the gym this past week than you have in any single week since January! Keep up the fantastic work.
You will notice some changes to programming during September as we are going to make an effort to focus on skills. Please let me know what you think of the differences!

Monday is Labor Day and we will be doing a team WOD and cookout.
Tuesday will begin our new format. Not everyday will look just like Tuesday but it will be a decent example.
Tuesday will look like this:
Short intense warm up focusing on generating heat in the muscles that are going to be used in the wod.
WOD. Yes, immediately following the warm up we’re going straight into the workout.
Strength. Right after workout while our testosterone and HGH are at peak levels, we will enter a short but intense strength training session that will build upon what’s already been done during the WOD.
Skill. I’m going to try putting skill at the end of class after we’re as mobile as we can possibly get to help overcome some of our mobility issues that hinder progress in skills training.

Wed- Kettle bell chipper and kipping
Thurs- A short ass kicker followed by box squats with a twist and handstand practice.
Friday- 4 rounds of upper body fun followed by Olympic pulls for skill.

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