Notes 10.20/10.26

Hey everyone! What a great week we just had at VCF! Solid daily progress in the WODs, a great Thursday Game day and Friday night’s Halloween party was a blast! Let’s have another fantastic week this week.

Monday- We will retest our benchmark from 9/15
Tuesday- Floor presses & push ups for strength coupled with a 2 round work out that will make your head spin!
Weds- A different approach to strength followed by a short but intense WOD
Thursday- Shall we play another game?? I have one in mind!
Friday- We will row, row, row the boat and then do a CrossFit classic

You guys are doing very good with the extra/rehab work. Please keep this up!! The benefits from this extra work are unmistakable and the workouts only take a few minutes.

There are sign up sheets for A Special Wish’s 5k coming up the 1st weekend in November, please see me if you want to participate.

Tee shirts need to be paid for this week. The prices I listed on facebook are cash. I can also bill your account for your purchase if you wish but I will have to charge you tax in that case.


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