Notes for the week of 12/15

Hey everybody! We’re fast approaching the big Christmas Holiday, make sure you budget your time wisely to fit in some great VCF WODs! We will be hitting it hard (as always) this week! Monday- Pump up those “Mirror muscles” with some bench press and then a descending ladder with shuttles! Tuesday- A variation on the […]

Notes for the week of 12/8

Hello everyone, Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend. There has been a last second addition to the VCF giving tree so if you haven’t already, please grab an ornament and pick up a gift to help make Christmas a little for those less fortunate. Here is how the week is shaping up: Monday- […]

Vigor CrossFit Christmas giving tree

Hello everyone, This year we will be taking 4 families under our collective “wing” during Christmas. These families have very little and if we work together we can help make their Holiday a much more cheerful one! I will be making “ornaments” to put on the tree with the gift ideas written on them. There […]

Notes for the week of 11/17

Hello all you wonderful people out there in “Vigor-land!” I hope everyone is doing GREAT! I’m dropping you all a line to keep you informed about what’s coming up!! Monday – (TEST DAY) Upper body strength with a descending ladder couplet Tuesday – 5X5 box squats followed by 2 WODs! Wednesday – (TEST DAY) We […]

Vigor CrossFit Notes for week of 11.10

Hey everyone! I noticed participation was a tad lite this week, let’s shake off the Halloween candy and time change and get back at it strong this week!! Monday- Upper body strength test and then a partner WOD where the coach will choose the pairs. Tuesday- A front squat variation and hip bridges for strength […]

Notes for the week of 11/3

Hello everyone! Here is a look at what’s on tap this week… -Monday- Heavy Front squats with an EMOM workout that gets progressively heavier -Tuesday- Push/Pull/Push/Pull for strength and a WOD in the “Death by” format -Wednesday- A “pace horse” style team WOD + RECESS!!!! -Thursday- Game day returns with “Battle Badminton” -Friday- Chained dead […]

Notes 10.20/10.26

Hey everyone! What a great week we just had at VCF! Solid daily progress in the WODs, a great Thursday Game day and Friday night’s Halloween party was a blast! Let’s have another fantastic week this week. Monday- We will retest our benchmark from 9/15 Tuesday- Floor presses & push ups for strength coupled with […]

Notes for the week of 10.13.2014

Hey everyone! Last week was full of fun and new accomplishments!! Let’s make this week even better!! Mon- Upper body strength with a tough 4 round WOD to follow Tues- Heavy back squats followed by 4 rounds of high cardio coupled with Oly lifting Weds- We will target the big movers in the back for […]

Notes for week of 10.6

Hey guys!!!! Hope everyone’s week is off to a fantastic start! Monday – already happened…. OOPS Tuesday – You guys get to choose how you want your strength AND WOD!! Weds – Team “pace horse” style WOD with recess to follow! Thursday – Don’t miss our Double Olympic Game Day! Classes will square off in […]